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The continuity of your company, even after disaster, is a must for every entrepreneur. Business Continuity comprises the total measures needed to be able to continue the business activities in the event of a disaster. That means the IT must quickly be back up and running; your data must be accessible again very soon, customers and suppliers must still be able to contact your company by telephone and a number of employees must have access to a workspace with the necessary equipment and access to your data.

BCDR solutions

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Four cornerstones

Business Continuity according to COIN is based on four cornerstones: Office Recovery, IT Recovery, Telephony Recovery, and Advice. With the complete solution provided by COIN you can continue to service your customers and you will avoid unnecessary financial damage and loss of reputation.

Suitable BCDR solutions

COIN specialises in realising Business Continuity. We have a suitable solution for every type of company: from SMEs to multinationals.

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