Telephone recovery

If your normal contact with customers is via telephone, it’s essential that following disaster you are quickly accessible again on your normal telephone numbers. Telephone recovery is almost always the number one priority following disaster because being unreachable by phone quickly results in damage to your image and/or finances.

As part of the COIN concept you can make use of the COIN Telecom-By-Pass (TBP) platform. TBP is platform-independent, making it suitable for any type of PBX or VoIP server. The COIN TBP platform can also be used where you still have access to your premises, but the telephone switchboard has failed.

We also offer the COIN Group Information System. Indispensable when disaster strikes, this allows you to inform and instruct everyone concerned with just a push of the button.

  • Platform-independent

  • Flexible solutions

  • Only telephone recovery possible

  • 24/7 stand-by

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