Data protection and data management

Data: The new gold Critical company data are currently the most important assets of many organisations. On the basis of data, policy is decided and adjusted, and increasingly automated company processes are rolled out. Data therefore constitute the bedrock of company operations. This implies that loss, theft, manipulation or encryption of critical data constitutes an immense business risk.

Of course you have made the best arrangements you can with a reliable IT partner, a robust back-up solution and various security tools. However, it isn’t a question of if it will happen, but when.

Your IT partner is suddenly hacked, your back-up solution is hacked, and your own IT system fails. What does that mean? How damaging is it for you and your clients when your data become public, or your company operations shut down for several days, or even weeks?

How quickly do you think you can be up and running again?

Would you like to know more? We welcome the opportunity to talk through everything with you. As a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery partner, that’s what you can expect from us.

COIN ensures that such a scenario does not occur, and that you will always have an uncompromised copy of your critical data to hand from your digital vault. This is fully immutable and air-gapped, with the recovery protocol that your organisation requires.

We refer to this as: Nextgen data management and bulletproof data-security, powered by Cohesity.

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