Cyber response

Prepare for Ransomware

Of course you are doing your utmost to protect your organisation against cyber-attacks and ransomware. But if your organisation is targeted by a cyber-attack, it isn’t inconceivable that all ICT systems may be affected, so you decide to take your entire network off-line as quickly as possible.

As a result your employees can no longer use (part of) their ICT infrastructure and home working solution. For situations like that in particular, it’s important to have an immediately-available ‘safe’ environment for storage, servers, telephony, remote workstations and other services. COIN can organise this for you, fully tailored to your needs and requirements.

Safe recovery scenarios

Following a cyber-attack COIN takes immediate action on the basis of pre-agreed recovery scenarios.

(Almost) all your employees will be provided with a Secure COIN Key from COIN, or already have the key permanently to hand. The moment you activate the recovery scenario, the Secure COIN Key can be inserted into any PC or laptop at any location and a connection is made with the COIN Security Control Center (CSCC). From the CSCC and in consultation with your ICT supplier or ICT department, or any other security specialist you employ, you can decide to which parts of your infrastructure that are restored or considered safe (whether or not these are restored on COIN systems) your employees will gradually be granted access via the Secure COIN Key.

COIN also enables you to set up a fully safe and secure independent copy of your data or back-up, using our air-gapped and immutable data management solution. If required, we can even protect your critical data in a Fort Knox scenario, ensuring that you can at all times depend on a reliable and consistent data set in a restore situation.

Would you like to know more? We welcome the opportunity to talk through everything with you. As a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery partner, that’s what you can expect from us.

Possible steps in a safe recovery scenario

  1. The first stage for example, could just be safe internet access
  2. Teams are added
  3. The VoIP environment can be unlocked
  4. Phased access to the rest of the ICT environment
  5. Data restore

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