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BIA, BCP, Audit and Training

There is increasing demand for the BCM consultancy services and BCM training provided by COIN. Our consultants and trainers are experienced and expert in the broad field of Business Continuity Management and have practical and up-to-date knowledge. They often support the Business Continuity Manager and by doing so they contribute knowledge to your team.

BCM Consultants and Trainers, broadly deployable

A lot of organisations have little to no experience with determining the critical business processes and the minimal measures needed to be back in business again as soon as possible in the event of an disaster. With our knowledge and experience we are able to conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) efficiently and in a very short period of time, which will result in an immediate number of quick wins for your company. The formulation of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or the emergency plan often raises a lot of questions as well. Where and how should I start? What needs to be included and what should not be included? We have developed a practical BCP template for this purpose (based on ISO 22301), which provides the necessary starting points and is suitable for many types of companies from a range of sectors.

Does your organisation already have a BCP? You can have COIN evaluate it by means of a test, the so-called BCM audit.

Fortunately disasters do not happen very often. Still, it is important to know which people the organisation can rely on to make the right decisions when a disaster does occur. By means of simulation and training a crisis team can build up experience so that the team members are prepared for any situation. We have Crisis Management Team rooms (war rooms) at all the recovery locations where the crisis team can conduct a crisis simulation tailored to its organisation.

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