COIN’s Business Continuity Solution for Credit Europe Bank N.V.

In case of a calamity at Credit Europe Bank’s headquarter business critical employees and the Crisis Management Team will relocate to one of the COIN office recovery centres.

At the COIN locations the following facilities and services are available for Credit Europe Bank:
• Workstations including desktop and telephone
• A fully equipped war room for the Crisis Management Team
• A data connection to access data and applications
• The latest Credit Europe Bank (PC) image
• Telecom By Pass to ensure that Credit Europe Bank remains reachable at their existing telephone numbers during a disaster

Why Credit Europe Bank N.V. selected COIN as their Business Continuity partner

The Global headquarter of Credit Europe Bank N.V. is located in Amsterdam. For office recovery the bank considered its premises in Frankfurt, approximately 430 km from Amsterdam. Credit Europe Bank’s Management Team requested a business case comparing the internal recovery solution in Frankfurt, with an outsourced solution in the Netherlands. To complete the business case COIN was requested for a proposal. Considering the much longer downtime (due to extensive travelling) and other expenses (e.g. hotel, traveling, etc.), the COIN proposition appeared to be much more (cost) effective. COIN has several office recovery locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. One of those locations is located at a short travelling distance from Credit Europe Bank’s office in Amsterdam, making it possible for the business critical employees to be operational within two hours after a calamity. Also COIN’s pricing structure makes outsourcing of office recovery a lot cheaper than an in-house solution. The business case made Credit Europe Bank decide for COIN as their Business Continuity partner.

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