Generali chooses COIN as their Business Continuity Partner

Generali is an insurer that guarantees stability, reliability and personal attention for its clients. Generali has been active in the Netherlands for more than 140 years, providing damage, income, pension and life insurance for private clients, business clients and organisations. More than 400 motivated and expert staff determine the success of the organisation. As an independent insurer, Generali Nederland is part of the international Generali Group.

Raymond Heus, Senior Building Facilities Officer at Generali:

With us, every client is assured of full care and attention at expected and unexpected moments, whether dealing with us directly or via the adviser. Whatever choice is made, we ensure that the client knows where he or she stands with a Generali insurance policy and that the insurance is fit for purpose, even if that purpose changes. That is not just a promise to the client, but also a commitment to ourselves about how we operate.

Why is Business Continuity essential for Generali?

Generali is not just obliged to ensure this due to the statutory requirements set by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and AFM. It’s also essential from the point of view of our business operation and the level of service that we always aim to deliver to our clients. At Generali the client is assured of full attention. To achieve this, the continuity of Generali always has to be guaranteed.

Why did Generali choose COIN as its Business Continuity partner?

We chose COIN as our Business Continuity partner on the basis of the price/quality ratio. We were looking for a partner that offered a location at a safe distance away yet was still reasonably close to our offices, and that’s what COIN offered. COIN was also the only party that had several recovery locations spread throughout the country. Consequently, COIN was able to guarantee that, if necessary, we could also fall back to alternative COIN recovery locations.

What is Generali’s experience so far of its partnership with COIN?

So far, we have really enjoyed our partnership with COIN. The people at COIN know all there is to know and are professional and ethical. When the partnership started we made clear agreements, which everyone adheres to. COIN listened very carefully to Generali’s wishes and was able to translate these into the service it offers.

What is Generali’s experience of testing COIN’s recovery facilities?

We performed a successful recovery test in 2014. The test went well, the recovery workstations were available and provided access to our own data and applications. The telephone was also routed to COIN and then switched back to us again after the test – all without any problems. Another recovery test is scheduled for this autumn.

What does Generali expect from a partner such as COIN in the event of a disaster?

In the event of a disaster we expect that the COIN recovery workstations will be available and operational immediately at the moment our recovery protocol is activated. Our staff also have to be accessible immediately by telephone so that we can continue providing our services. We have contracted COIN to provide telephone facilities for this that dovetail perfectly with our requirements in this area. And of course we also expect COIN to deal professionally with the disaster and everything that it entails, in addition to assisting us where necessary.

COIN provides the following business continuity services for Generali:

• Recovery workstations;
• Desktop image;
• Telephone accessibility;
• Business Test and Technical test at the recovery location.
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