Business continuity essential to NSI

NSI is a listed real estate company and manages an invested capital of approximately € 1.1 billion. NSI realises this by investing in offices and shops in high-quality locations and by managing its portfolio as ‘best in class’. With and for its clients, NSI creates inspirational environments to succesfully meet, work and do busines. HNK (The New Office) is the flexible office concept that has been established in many locations in the Netherlands.

Daniel van Dongen, CFO at NSI, tells us;

What are the main processes at NSI /what is the core business of NSI?

NSI has leased more than 1 million m2, so the service provision to our tenants is essential. In addition, NSI is a listed company that must supply all data to strict deadlines. If this is not possible, for example as a result of a disaster, it may have a detrimental effect on the share value and confidence of the shareholders. We also have a capital-intensive business with debt capital. Failure to meet our payment obligations may also affect our reputation.

Why is business continuity essential to NSI?

It is essential to us that we are able to continue our service provision. If a tenant has a problem, that will affect the tenant’s business. We want to consider in advance what we will need if NSI is affected by a disaster. At present we work completely in the cloud. Previously we would make a backup copy of all data, but that took too long. We can now log in at the recovery location with one click of a button.

Why did NSI select COIN to perform the Business Impact Analysis?

I wasn’t looking for the theoretical approach of a consultant, but wanted a company that has real-life experience with recovery and business continuity, to ensure that the analysis would be practically oriented and pragmatic. COIN has professional experience with recovery for its customers, as well as the required practical expertise to perform the BIA.

What impact would a disaster have on NSI without a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?

It gives us peace of mind to have a BCP in place. If a disaster should occur we know that we have a sound basis and can focus on the unpredictable aspects. The BCP is a living document that we adjust if anything changes within NSI, so that it is always up-to-date.

What is your view on the quality of the BIA and BCP?

It wasn’t our first priority, but it is better to be prepared for a disaster than try to deal with it as it happens, because then you have a real problem. The basis, a template based on the ISO standard, was provided by COIN and we supplied the content. We are happy that we asked COIN to assist us in performing the BIA and setting up a BCP.

Could you describe COIN and its staff in three key words?

The open communication has resulted in joint business opportunities. COIN is solution-oriented and delivers custom work. The company is ambitious and has devised a good concept that will further develop as a result of the market demand. We really only do business with professional parties and COIN is a strong brand.

What is your general impression of COIN with regard to BCM?

A compact and highly experienced company that has a good handle on what is needed to prepare for a disaster; they focus on the real essentials. Flexible solutions are the future.

How has NSI experienced COIN before, during and after the tender?

We are doing business with people and from the start through to this reference that works fine, at all levels, both within NSI and COIN.

How has NSI experienced the collaboration with COIN so far?

COIN helped us to think carefully about what we really need in the event of a disaster. Some steps were resolved with our existing suppliers and other steps were implemented in conjunction with COIN. We performed a recovery test during which some of the employees physically worked at the COIN recovery location, where they could also be contacted by telephone.

NSI has contracted COIN for the following Business Continuity services:

  • Recovery workstations;
  • Desktop image;
  • Telephone accessibility;
  • Business test and Technical test at the recovery location.

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