Tentoo has grown to become a total provider of human resource services

“COIN allows us to continue working without problems”

Tentoo provides administrative and financial support and advice. It started life in 1992 providing payroll services for flexible workers, freelancers, self-employed people and employers. Now, after more than 24 years, Tentoo has grown to become a major player in the Dutch market as a total provider of (financial) administration and human resource services. For the time being, Managing Director Paul den Ronden sees no end to the company’s growth: “Large and small businesses that use our services can focus entirely on their core business. We do the rest, from payrolling and financial services to recruiting permanent staff. We guarantee all of our clients continuity, which is something we’ve been doing with the help of COIN for the last 10 years.”

No downtime

The rapidly growing company manages personal data, which has to be available continuously. Den Ronden: “Ten years ago we realised we had to do something about continuity, especially because we became aware that we simply couldn’t afford any downtime. So, it wasn’t a disaster but rather insight that brought us into contact with COIN. Together we analysed the business-critical processes thoroughly, so we knew what we had to do if disaster strikes. We also use dual IT systems, which minimises the risk of operational interruption.”

Tentoo’s fundamental principle is to provide a maximum full-service solution for its (international) clients, employers and self-employed people. Den Ronden: “No risks or hindrances regarding payments, taxes, invoicing or human resources. Our continuity therefore has to be guaranteed. Not just because we want that ourselves but also because that’s what our clients expect from us.”

According to Den Ronden one of the significant benefits of the company’s growth is the fact it has multiple in-house specialists, which creates a stimulating work environment. In his view, proven suppliers such as COIN are part of that. “COIN provides us with the certainty of a recovery location, where 25 workstations are ready and waiting in the event of an emergency and which allows our staff to be operational again within a day. The data we use is always available at the recovery location because COIN makes an online backup several times per day. That’s the ideal service. It speeds up the recovery process and guarantees that we always have access to up-to-date data in the event of a disaster”, says Den Ronden. The data that we use is very well protected.

Den Ronden: “Each year we undertake a test as if there was an actual disaster. We then go to the recovery location where each department checks that everything can continue as it should. And it does.”

Den Ronden calls the possibilities offered by COIN perfect for Tentoo. “Certainty of being able to continue working without problems plus the fact the costs are shared with other companies with the same need. That’s a very attractive solution.”

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