Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

    A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) sets out the overall set of measures to be taken so that business critical activities can continue after a disaster.

    Have you been given the job of drawing-up a BCP plan? We’ll gladly help you get this plan onto paper in a manageable and concise way, although at first sight that may appear a difficult task. No-one is looking for a big document stuffed with unnecessary pages.

    Clear and concise

    Should disaster strike, the BCP must be a clear document that gives your organisation the right tools and decisions to make it through the disaster as strongly and smoothly as possible, and with the least possible resulting damage.

    Pragmatic and bold approach

    COIN knows from years of experience that practical and thorough support is good to have when creating a BCP. Our internal consultants work with your organisation to agree the correct timeframe and approach. Using a simple and clear template, we work together to ensure that an up-to-date BCP plan is quickly available and ready for internal presentation and that the colleagues involved are fully engaged with the steps to be taken in event of disaster.

    From practice

    Customers often tell us they initially intended to have the BCP written entirely by an external party. This approach is impractical, because you know better than anyone how your organisation and processes are structured. We always strive for a healthy balance between the activities and input of both organisations. Wherever possible, we also consider as well whether or not to write certain sections with you, for example to reduce costs.

    Introduction to the BCP approach

    During the introduction, we discuss our mutual expectations and what breakdown of work best suits your sector and organisation. An important job for us is in any case to convey our enthusiasm for BCM, that it is not be seen as an irritating task but as a good time to examine the organisation and to prepare it simply and flexibly for later situations.

    Business continuity plan assistance

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