Brexit: continuing business in the Netherlands

There is something to be found for all points of view, but the fact is that the Brexit creates uncertainty for many companies. Continuing the business abroad is a consideration that many British companies are currently making.

Business continuity management

Whether it is setting up office recovery solution during disasters or acting as a temporary office shelter during the renovation / new construction activities in the Netherlands and Belgium, COIN creates the right preconditions.

With many financial regulators as a customer and a wide-ranging client portfolio from the banking, logistics, pension and insurance sectors, COIN has gained an enormous wealth of experience in supervising companies over the past 15 years. Get inspired by our business continuity references!

Specialist in business continuity

As no other, we know that a standard solution does not exist, we create the most ideal workplace recovery for every client and ensure that all important critical processes are highlighted through an intensive test program. We are able to offer the complete package in workplace, IT and callcenter recovery.

One of our fallback locations is close to Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) and offers plenty of space to have a quiet meeting with us and to think about all the possibilities and opportunities that an insecure Brexit relocation entails.

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