COIN helps companies that are assisting their employees to practice social-distancing due to corona crisis

Coronavirus is everyone’s greatest concern, and this includes companies. They are preparing as effectively as possible to limit the consequences of the corona crisis. Even if companies and employees follow Dutch public health guidelines, the risk of infection remains. Employee health is always the number one priority and so the risk of infection must be kept as low as possible. For many organisations, employees are crucial for the continuity of processes and business operations.

COIN facilitates social-distancing

Precautionary distancing of the workforce is one of the most popular measures currently being applied by companies. Different teams and disciplines are currently working separately; one team might work from its own office, one team from home and one team at another external location, such as at one of COIN’s recovery centres. COIN is now assisting several of its customers in this way.

Several companies are continuing to work at different COIN locations

At the moment, several business partners are using COIN recovery centres in the Netherlands. A logical step because at COIN everything is already in place for these customers. IT and telephony are fully installed and prepared. Continuing to work at COIN’s sites is a smooth process, as if employees were in their own office. Here they have secure access to their own company’s applications and files and are contactable on the usual telephone numbers. Additional hygiene measures have, of course, been put in place at COIN sites and there is a stricter access policy to create and maintain a safe working environment.

Our office recovery locations are available 24/7

COIN specialises in business continuity. Measures are in place for its customers that are available 24/7 and come into effect if the company suffers a disaster. Fortunately, companies for which continuity is crucial are well prepared. They make plans, take all kinds of scenarios into account and take pre-emptive steps if there is a genuine problem. The continuity plans (BCP) often include relocation to a COIN site. IT, telephony and workstations are fully prepared in ahead of time and these are all activated in the event of a disaster preventing employees from continuing to work in their own office. In this way, COIN’s business partners can continue to work quickly and easily at the recovery centres thus guaranteeing their business continuity.

Short communication lines and a safe, flexible space

Thanks to short lines of communication between our customers and our specialists, we can take measures together, rapidly enabling safe distancing for employees at separate locations whilst at the same time contributing to our customers’ business continuity.

If you have any questions about your business continuity, please contact us and we will be pleased to help.