COIN successfully completes acquisition of SunGard Availability Services in Belgium and Luxembourg and strengthens its position as business continuity leader in the Benelux.

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the acquisition of SunGard Availability Services in Belgium and Luxembourg. This strategic acquisition strengthens COIN’s position in the Benelux, enabling us to better support our customers during times of crisis resulting from natural disasters, cyberattacks, and other emergencies that can impact business continuity.

    After the acquisition of Sungard’s operations in Belgium and Luxembourg in November 2022, our first priority has been to improve the customer experience and serviceability according to COIN’s quality- and security standards.

    We have launched a multi-year investment program to continuously upgrade our workplace recovery solutions, IT infrastructure, and cyber-resilience services for our customers.

    Innovating and continuously adapting we are catering the market demand for cyber-incident response and hybrid disaster recovery scenario’s combining homeworking, secured private recovery office suites, crisis coordination centers and conveniently located satellite offices.

    Our next investment round will focus on deploying cyber-resilience solutions and services beyond our existing financial customers to enable the other mission critical industries to comply with the more stringent European regulations such as NIS2 and DORA.

    Whilst the increased use of hybrid workplaces by organizations has offered new possibilities for both remote working as well as responding to disasters from any (remote) location, it has also created additional cybersecurity risks, and increased the complexity of disaster recovery scenarios. We get increasing demand from our customers to assist them addressing this increased organisational complexity and additional cyber security risks in their business continuity plan, and to prepare and perform together more complex DR simulation tests.

    Our cyber response solution for mission critical employees enables recovery from a cyber incident using a flexible combination of COIN-AS’ independent and scalable ICT-infrastructure, our customer’s premises and IT resources, and homeworking with secure COIN-Keys. When a rapid response to large scale disaster requires close collaboration of key customer teams and employees in a secure environment, COIN provides flexible 24×7 available crisis coordination facilities and ready-to-deploy ICT infrastructure.

    To support its growth in the Benelux, COIN is currently expanding relationships with technology and service partners to provide a comprehensive suite of business continuity and cyber response solutions.

    We also continue to further integrate and standardize our operations across the 3 countries in order comply with the new 2022 version of the ISO27001 security standards, whilst providing the flexibility to use our recovery facilities in new and innovative manners: ‘classic’ workplace recovery, “cyber response and coordination space” and permanent use of our facilities as a “satellite office”.

    CEO COIN Availability Services Jeroen van Iperen

    CEO Jeroen van Iperen notes, “With our experience, forward-thinking approach, and extensive service offerings, we feel how relevant we are in today’s and tomorrow’s world.”

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