COIN and Sungard Availability Services Launch IT Continuity, Cyber Response and Cloud Excellence Centers in the Benelux

Empowering COIN to access Sungard AS’ global IT platforms and managed services for IT continuity and infrastructure modernization.

Amsterdam and Brussels – October 14th, 2021

Continuity Innovation BV (COIN), the Dutch leader in business continuity and Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS), a leading provider of highly available cloud- connected infrastructure in North American and Europe, announced two new IT Continuity, Cyber Response and Cloud Excellence Centers in Amsterdam and Brussels. The relationship brings people and technology together to help end-users with enterprise-class disaster recovery and a portfolio of cloud and security services to address a broad range of complex IT use cases.

Customer-intimacy and Competency Combined

The collaboration is making high-end enterprise IT services available to the Benelux market. Customers can access Sungard AS’ and COIN’s IT recovery specialists and domain experts while taking advantage of a range of free IT assessments tools.

“Sungard AS is recognized as global, highly available connected infrastructure and managed service provider and is neutral to the customer’s choice of infrastructure and resiliency, which allows us to build an optimal solution for each individual COIN customer,” says Jeroen Van Iperen, CEO of COIN. “Jointly, we bring IT strategy, transformation, solution design, and managed services for boards, c-suites, and IT executives looking to solidify their IT strategies with local people and the presence of cloud platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium.”

“Creating local touch with the Benelux market enables us to bring outstanding solutions and services to customers in any verticals and of any size,” said Dominique Loiselet, regional vice-president of Sungard AS. “We are excited to work with the business continuity leader COIN in the Netherlands and unlock the market with IT continuity.”

COIN is Continuously Innovating

“Together, with COIN, we bring the IT modernization journey closer to the customer. We excel in IT recovery, security, and resiliency and strongly harden every IT solution we deliver to our joint customers,” said Sacha Vekeman, channel sales manager at Sungard AS.

“Opening these IT Continuity, Cyber Response and Cloud Excellence Centers means that our customers have access to world-class managed services,” said Jeroen Van Iperen, chief executive officer, COIN. “As an example, we designed the Secure COIN Key, an end – point access solution that gives users continuous and secure access to all enterprise IT applications even in case of a cyber threat or ransomware attack.”

For more information and to discuss a free IT assessment at an IT Continuity and Cloud Excellence Center, contact: and/or

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About Continuity Innovation BV (COIN)

COIN is the IT continuity specialist. COIN has been providing tailor-made and proven continuity- and cyber response solutions for almost 2 decades. Branches we serve are, amongst others, banks, insurance companies, financial services, public authorities, market authorities, logistic firms, and the medical industry.

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