Disaster Recovery test

These days, a properly functioning IT environment is critical for virtually all companies to ensure smooth day-to-day business operations. Regaining access to critical applications and data following a disruption is known as Disaster Recovery.

A major disruption to your IT environment and the associated potential loss of data can result in damage to the business: direct financial damage due to downtime and therefore unproductive staff, as well as damage to the reputation of the business as a result of being unable to deliver orders for example, and all the consequences that entails.

Disaster Recovery Plan

A Disaster Recovery Plan is often used to guarantee continuity of an organisation including during periods of disruption. The Disaster Recovery Plan analyses the IT systems that are present and how critical they are for the organisation’s continuity. For each system or application, it states how quickly it has to be up and running again. The same applies for the recovery of critical data.

The Disaster Recovery Plan also describes potential disruptive situations together with the associated Disaster Recovery strategy. In other words, what action has to be taken for what disruptive event affecting what IT system.

Disaster Recovery Testing

An important aspect of a Disaster Recovery Plan is the testing. It can be decided to only test the Disaster Recovery Plan or the entire Business Continuity Plan, which – in addition to the IT (Disaster Recovery Test) – also includes the recovery of facilities (workplaces) and the recovery of telephony.

Regular testing allows the IT department to become familiar with the Disaster Recovery Plan procedures and to implement any changes that may be necessary. This means that as an organisation you are always prepared for getting up and running again in the event of a real disaster and to do so without any surprises.

If you would like to discover more about a Disaster Recovery Test or if you require help with the preparation of a Disaster Recovery Plan, please contact COIN via info@coinbv.nl or 088-2646000.

If you are looking for tips about preparing a Disaster Recovery Plan then please see the Disaster Recovery Plan Checklist.

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