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Your paper archive contains documentation necessary to the continuity of your organisation. Safe storage of these papers is thus an element of Business Continuity Management that should not be underestimated. This applies not just to large organisations, such as insurers who sometimes still retain enormous archives of pension entitlements, but also in the broader sense to all documentation not (yet) digitised but which must nonetheless be retained. Think for example of tax authorities’ requirements to retain certain documents.As well as the threat from fire or flood, your archive is also threatened by damp and mildew. Accordingly, COIN offers an additional service that can be included in your Business Continuity Plan: a subscription to the COIN archive service. The benefits of this are:

  • An initial, comprehensive report on the condition of the archives, the environmental factors and risks.
  • An annual inspection of the repository together with a report.
    A full archive rescue operation should disaster strike, together with a damage report for your insurers.

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